BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
v0.19.2+dhtsortDon't use peerstore in FindPeerLeon Rinkel4 weeks
v0.19.2+scionquicRevert peer sorting to put in different branchLeon Rinkel6 weeks
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2023-10-28Revert peer sorting to put in different branchHEADv0.19.2+scionquicLeon Rinkel
2023-10-16Revert kbucket peer sortingLeon Rinkel
2023-09-22Make all peers replaceableLeon Rinkel
2023-09-19Reduce keyspace and bucketsizeLeon Rinkel
2023-09-12Allow getting/setting scionhops metric to use when evicting kbucket peersLeon Rinkel
2023-07-06Add basic usage instructionsLeon Rinkel
2023-07-06Add basic SCION supportLeon Rinkel
2023-05-03Merge pull request #9847 from ipfs/release-v0.19.2Henrique Dias
2023-05-03docs: add changelog for v0.19.2Henrique Dias
2023-05-03fix: use default HTTP routers when FullRT DHT client is used (#9841)Gus Eggert