AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2 daysawk: fix segfault when compiled by clangHEADmasterRon Yorston
2 dayscrond: log5 fix typo, replace log level '4' with '5'Jones Syue
7 daysash: fix handling of single-quoted strings in pattern substitutionDenys Vlasenko
7 daysip link: support for the CAN netlinkDario Binacchi
8 dayshush: detect when terminating "done"/"fi" is missingDenys Vlasenko
8 dayshush: set G.ifs sooner (prevents segfault)Denys Vlasenko
9 daysls: do not truncate username/groupname to 8 charsDenys Vlasenko
2024-01-02sed: check errors writing file with sed -iDominique Martinet
2024-01-01time: implement %% and \escapes in -f FMTDenys Vlasenko
2023-12-31time: fix max resident set size unitNatanael Copa
2023-12-31awk: fix handling of empty fieldsDenys Vlasenko
2023-12-13util-linux/lsusb.c: print manufacturer/product strings if availablePeter Korsgaard
2023-11-23top: improve large PID display in memory ('s') modeDenys Vlasenko
2023-11-13Cygwin: regenerate defconfigChristian Franke
2023-11-08start-stop-daemon: make --output not depend on FANCYDenys Vlasenko
2023-11-08start-stop-daemon: do not lose error messages with -bDenys Vlasenko
2023-11-08start-stop-daemon: typo fixDenys Vlasenko
2023-11-07start-stop-daemon: implement option -O|--outputLouai Al-Khanji
2023-11-07sleep: Update docPetr Vorel
2023-11-07start-stop-daemon: update comment, no code changesDenys Vlasenko
2023-11-07start-stop-daemon: add -d DIR chdir optionejaaskel
2023-11-07start-stop-daemon: fix --help: -K or -S is requiredDenys Vlasenko
2023-10-04udhcp: Avoid leaking uninitialized/stale dataRuss Dill
2023-10-03syslogd: fix breakage caused by "daemonize _after_ init" changeDenys Vlasenko
2023-10-02awk: implement -E; do not reorder -f and -eDenys Vlasenko
2023-10-02install: Fix chown resetting suid/sgid bits from chmodNero
2023-10-02sleep: fix "sleep -- ARGS"Denys Vlasenko
2023-08-31tsort: avoid use-after-freeRon Yorston
2023-08-31ash: initialize basepf.buf in ashzhuyan
2023-07-18libbb: rename source files, no code changesDenys Vlasenko
2023-07-17introduce and use exitcode_tDenys Vlasenko
2023-07-17getfattr: fix "getfattr NOTEXIST" - now prints error msgDenys Vlasenko
2023-07-16getfattr: new appletYU Jincheng
2023-07-14hwclock: force LONG_OPTS, stop accepting non-compatible -tDenys Vlasenko
2023-07-12hwclock: add get/set parameters optionAndrej Picej
2023-07-10ntpd: fix a warning on 32-bit arch buildDenys Vlasenko
2023-07-10i2ctransfer: fix build warningDenys Vlasenko
2023-07-10Update applet size estimatesDenys Vlasenko
2023-07-10ash: tweak comments, no code changesDenys Vlasenko
2023-07-10ash: remove "volatile" specifier from suppress_intDenys Vlasenko
2023-07-10ash: disable sleep as builtin, closes 15619Denys Vlasenko
2023-07-09libiproute: fix filtering ip6 route by table idYousong Zhou
2023-07-08hush: fix a compile failureDenys Vlasenko
2023-07-04ash: disable check for "good" function name, bash does not check thisDenys Vlasenko
2023-07-03hush: quote values in "readonly" outputDenys Vlasenko
2023-07-02shell/math: avoid $((3**999999999999999999)) to take yearsDenys Vlasenko
2023-07-02shell/math: do not accept $((36#@))Denys Vlasenko
2023-06-30shell/math: code shrinkDenys Vlasenko
2023-06-29shell/math: code shrinkDenys Vlasenko
2023-06-28shell/math: code shrinkDenys Vlasenko