AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-02-14Bump version to 1.30.11_30_11_30_stableDenys Vlasenko
2019-02-14chcon: Fix typo in ACTION_RECURSERostislav Skudnov
2019-02-14lineedit: fix SEGV in isk, hexedit, ed, closes 11661Denys Vlasenko
2019-02-14grep: fix -x -v with certain pattern ordersAri Sundholm
2019-02-14bc: implement pass-by-reference code from upstreamDenys Vlasenko
2019-02-14ip link: Fix vlan proto, closes 8261 and 11638Bernhard Reutner-Fischer
2019-02-14ip link: fix mismatched enums in vlan_parse_opt(), closes 11631Denys Vlasenko
2019-02-14sed: Fix backslash parsing for 'w' command argBrian Foley
2019-02-14capability: fix string comparison in cap_name_to_numberMark Marshall
2019-02-14bc: code shrinkDenys Vlasenko
2019-02-14bc: remove "empty expression" check/message, parsing fails in these cases anywayDenys Vlasenko
2019-02-14bc: zbc_parse_expr_empty_ok() is unused except by zbc_parse_expr(), fold it inDenys Vlasenko
2019-02-14bc: disallow invalid syntax like "{ print 1 print 2 }"Denys Vlasenko
2019-02-14ls: make -i compatible with coreutils: don't follow symlink by defaultMartijn Dekker
2019-02-14bc: shorten "limits" outputDenys Vlasenko
2019-02-14bc: formatting changes, added a FIXME comment, no logic changesDenys Vlasenko
2019-02-14bc: support void functions (GNU compat)Denys Vlasenko
2019-02-14dc: fit returning of stringDenys Vlasenko
2019-02-14dc: fix '?'Denys Vlasenko
2019-02-14bc: eliminate struct BcInstPtr::results_len_before_call, it is redundantDenys Vlasenko
2019-02-14bc: add a palceholder comment for "void" returnDenys Vlasenko
2019-02-14bc: remove extra div/0 test, remove test for string function parameterDenys Vlasenko
2019-02-14bc: fix "...; return}" to work, disallow "return ()"Denys Vlasenko
2019-02-14bc: make error line number also size_t, like everything elseDenys Vlasenko
2019-02-14bc: generate large bc tests on the fly, -5 mbytes in the git treeDenys Vlasenko
2019-02-14bc: speed up string printing, fix print ""Denys Vlasenko
2019-02-14bc: upstream fixesDenys Vlasenko
2019-02-14bc: in xc_read_line(), check ^C on NUL input bytes tooDenys Vlasenko
2019-02-14bc: remove superfluous assigmentDenys Vlasenko
2019-02-14bc: support ibase up to 36 (GNU compat)Denys Vlasenko
2019-02-14bc: fold xc_lex_more_input() into peek_inbuf()Denys Vlasenko
2018-12-30Bump version to 1.30.01_30_0Denys Vlasenko
2018-12-30bc: tidying up, no logic changesDenys Vlasenko
2018-12-29bc: simplify representation of 0.5 in sqrt()Denys Vlasenko
2018-12-29bc: remove special-cased assignment to ibase, it works correctly with general...Denys Vlasenko
2018-12-29bc: more fixes for unusual input basesDenys Vlasenko
2018-12-29bc: fix handling of "digits" above 9Denys Vlasenko
2018-12-28config: dpkg_deb should be dpkg-debDenys Vlasenko
2018-12-28config: more tweaksDenys Vlasenko
2018-12-28bc: bc enables FEATURE_DC_BIG, for correct dc testsuite operationDenys Vlasenko
2018-12-28config: add size information for three more appletsDenys Vlasenko
2018-12-28bc: rename config optionsDenys Vlasenko
2018-12-28config: add size information for udhcpcDenys Vlasenko
2018-12-28config: update size informationDenys Vlasenko
2018-12-27bc: rename functions common to bc and dc as xc_FOO()Denys Vlasenko
2018-12-27bc: does not need initializing num[] vectorDenys Vlasenko
2018-12-27randomconfig fixesDenys Vlasenko
2018-12-26bc: use ALIGN1 where appropriateDenys Vlasenko
2018-12-26bc: undo debugging change, add a small optimizationDenys Vlasenko
2018-12-26bc: simple speedupsDenys Vlasenko