AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-12-26Bump version to 1.35.01_35_01_35_stableDenys Vlasenko
2021-12-26httpd: fix compile failure if !FEATURE_HTTPD_RANGESDenys Vlasenko
2021-12-25sed: do not ignore 'g' modifier when match starts with ^Dominique Martinet
2021-12-19ed: align output of read command with POSIX.1-2008Sören Tempel
2021-12-19ed: fix current line number for file passed via the command-lineSören Tempel
2021-12-17timeout: add support for "timeout -k KILL_SECS"Matthew Slowe
2021-12-17cmp: code shrinkDenys Vlasenko
2021-12-17ed: add support for -p command-line option as mandated by POSIXSören Tempel
2021-12-17cmp: add support for -nWalter Lozano
2021-12-17docs/embedded-scripts.txt: whitespace fixDenys Vlasenko
2021-12-17find: implement -samefileAaro Koskinen
2021-12-17printf: allow 0 as a flag and allow multiple flagsRon Yorston
2021-12-17httpd: do not send Last-Modified / ETag / Content-Length for error pagesDenys Vlasenko
2021-12-17httpd: don't send Content-Length in error pages headerDenys Vlasenko
2021-12-12libarchive/get_header_ar.c: fix extraction of archives from binutils in deter...Peter Korsgaard
2021-12-12udhcpc6: fix udhcp_find_option to actually find DHCP6 optionsDenys Vlasenko
2021-12-12Makefile.flags: use all cflags for crypt and rt checksMartin Kaiser
2021-12-12wget: allow end-users to customize Content-Type for --post-data and --post-fileIldar Shaimordanov
2021-12-12uudecode: special-case "/dev/stdout", closes 14241Denys Vlasenko
2021-12-11tls: P256: factor out "multiply then reduce" operationDenys Vlasenko
2021-12-01tls: x25519: code shrink by factoring out common codeDenys Vlasenko
2021-11-28tls: P256: enable 64-bit version of montgomery reductionDenys Vlasenko
2021-11-28tls: P256: add 64-bit montgomery reduce (disabled), small optimization in 32-...Denys Vlasenko
2021-11-28tls: P256: add comment on logic in sp_512to256_mont_reduce_8, no code changesDenys Vlasenko
2021-11-28libbb: code shrink in des encryption, in setup_salt()Denys Vlasenko
2021-11-28tls: P256: simplify sp_256_mont_inv_8 (no need for a temporary)Denys Vlasenko
2021-11-28libarchive: remove duplicate forward declarationBernhard Reutner-Fischer
2021-11-28tls: P256: pad struct sp_point to 64 bits (on 64-bit arches)Denys Vlasenko
2021-11-27tls: P256: trivial x86-64 fixDenys Vlasenko
2021-11-27tls: P256: change logic so that we don't need double-wide vectors everywhereDenys Vlasenko
2021-11-27tls: P256: do not open-code copying of struct variablesDenys Vlasenko
2021-11-27tls: P256: fix sp_256_div2_8 - it wouldn't use a[] if low bit is 0Denys Vlasenko
2021-11-27tls: P256: remove redundant zeroing in sp_256_map_8Denys Vlasenko
2021-11-27tls: P256: explain which functions use double-wide arrays, no code changesDenys Vlasenko
2021-11-27tls: P256: remove constant-time trick in sp_256_proj_point_add_8Denys Vlasenko
2021-11-27tls: P256: do not open-code copying of struct variablesDenys Vlasenko
2021-11-27tls: tweak debug printoutDenys Vlasenko
2021-11-27tls: P256: 64-bit optimizationsDenys Vlasenko
2021-11-09which: add -a to help textDenys Vlasenko
2021-10-13cpio: add support for --renumber-inodes like GNU cpioAriadne Conill
2021-10-13cpio: add support for --ignore-devno like GNU cpioAriadne Conill
2021-10-13shell: tweak --helpDenys Vlasenko
2021-10-13hush: in a comment, document what -i might be doingDenys Vlasenko
2021-10-12ed: align output of read/write commands with POSIX-1.2008Sören Tempel
2021-10-12config system: move some options closer to relevalnt tool subdirectoriesDenys Vlasenko
2021-10-12shell: use more compact SHELL_ASH / HUSH config defines. no code changesDenys Vlasenko
2021-10-11shell: do not read user database for every prompt - only for those which need itDenys Vlasenko
2021-10-11tar: prevent malicious archives with enormous long name sizes OOMing the machineDenys Vlasenko
2021-10-11whitespace fixDenys Vlasenko
2021-10-11shell: fix script's comm field if ENABLE_FEATURE_PREFER_APPLETS=yDenys Vlasenko