BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
bagder/CURLE_TOO_LARGEcurl.h: add CURLE_TOO_LARGEDaniel Stenberg10 days
bagder/CURL_WRITEFUNC_ABORTsquashme: support header and interleave callbacksJay Satiro6 weeks
bagder/ancestorancestor: provide a handle to inherit from/useDaniel Stenberg3 weeks
bagder/cookies-capped-expirefixup test 46 for small time_t systemsDaniel Stenberg13 days
bagder/server-response-timeout-msfixup easyoptions.cDaniel Stenberg3 weeks
bagder/sort-man-optioscmdline/gen: fix sort the man page optionsDaniel Stenberg7 hours
bagder/timer-postqueuefixup curl_easy_getinfo.3Daniel Stenberg3 weeks
dfandrich/ciFIXUP no parallel tests in AppveyorDan Fandrich4 weeks
masterdoh: remove unused local variableDaniel Gustafsson31 hours
tiny-curl-8_4tiny-curl: patch set applied on 8.4.0Daniel Stenberg6 weeks
curl-8_5_0commit 7161cb17c0...Daniel Stenberg4 days
tiny-curl-8_4_0commit 172e54cda1...Daniel Stenberg6 weeks
curl-8_4_0commit d755a5f7c0...Daniel Stenberg9 weeks
curl-8_3_0commit 6fa1d817e5...Daniel Stenberg3 months
curl-8_2_1commit 50490c0679...Daniel Stenberg5 months
curl-8_2_0commit 98044e8170...Daniel Stenberg5 months
curl-8_1_2commit 7ab9d43720...Daniel Stenberg6 months
curl-8_1_1commit 1561d06752...Daniel Stenberg7 months
curl-8_1_0commit a9f8fe2848...Daniel Stenberg7 months
curl-8_0_1commit b16d1fa8ee...Daniel Stenberg9 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
31 hoursdoh: remove unused local variableHEADmasterDaniel Gustafsson
36 hoursbuild: fix Windows ADDRESS_FAMILY detectionJay Satiro
38 hourslib: rename Curl_strndup to Curl_memdup0 to avoid misunderstandingDaniel Stenberg
43 removed: not used, not shipped in tarballsDaniel Stenberg
43 hourstests: rename tests scripts to the test numberDaniel Stenberg
46 hourssendf: fix compiler warning with CURL_DISABLE_HEADERS_APIMAntoniak
2 daystidy-up: whitespaceViktor Szakats
3 daystest_02_download: fix paramters to test_02_27Stefan Eissing
3 daysvtls: remove the Curl_cft_ssl_proxy object if CURL_DISABLE_PROXYMAntoniak
3 dayslib: strndup/memdup instead of malloc, memcpy and null-terminateDaniel Stenberg