AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
29 hoursrustls: fix two warnings related to number typesHEADmasterkpcyrd
30 hoursbufq: writing into a softlimit queue cannot be partialStefan Eissing
46 hoursconfigure: Don't build shell completions when disabledDan Fandrich
47 hourscmdline-opts/_EXITCODES: sync with libcurl-errorsJay Satiro
4 dayshyper: disable test1598 due to lack of trailer supportStefan Eissing
4 daysftp: Mark a const buffer as constDan Fandrich
4 daysappveyor: Properly skip if only CircleCI is changedDan Fandrich
4 daysdocs: Update minimal binary size in INSTALL.mdDan Fandrich
4 daysconfigure: Don't make shell completions without perlDan Fandrich
4 daysmisc: Fix typos in docs and libRainRat
4 daysconfigure: build & install shell completions when enabledDan Fandrich
4 daysgithub/labeler: improve the match patternsDan Fandrich
5 daystests: add test1598 for POST with trailersStefan Eissing
5 dayscmdline-opts/_VERSION: provide %VERSION correctlyDaniel Stenberg
5 dayslib: Curl_read/Curl_write clarificationsStefan Eissing
5 dayscurldown: Fix email address in CopyrightDaniel Gustafsson
6 daysgetparam: make --ftp-ssl work againDaniel Stenberg
6 daysKNOWN_BUGS: IMAPS connection fails with rustls errorDaniel Stenberg
6 daysKNOWN_BUGS: FTPS upload, FileZilla, GnuTLS and close_notifyDaniel Stenberg
6 daysKNOWN_BUGS: Implicit FTPS upload timeoutDaniel Stenberg
6 daysKNOWN_BUGS: HTTP/2 prior knowledge over proxyDaniel Stenberg
6 daysTODO: build HTTP/3 with OpenSSL and nghttp3 using cmakeDaniel Stenberg
6 daysTODO: Select signature algorithmsDaniel Stenberg
6 daysexamples: use present tense in commentsDaniel Stenberg
6 daysdocs: more language cleanupsDaniel Stenberg
6 dayssetopt: Fix disabling all protocolsDaniel Gustafsson
6 daysfopen: fix narrowing conversion warning on 32-bit AndroidAndreas Kiefer
6 dayslib: Curl_read/Curl_write clarificationsStefan Eissing
7 daysmulti: make add_handle free any multi_easyDaniel Stenberg
7 daysdocs: use present tenseDaniel Stenberg
7 no promises of lifetime after returnDaniel Stenberg
7 dayslib: send reworkStefan Eissing
7 daysRELEASE-NOTES: syncedDaniel Stenberg
7 dayshttp_chunks: remove unused 'endptr' variableDaniel Stenberg
7 dayslib: initialize output pointers to NULL before calling strto[ff,l,ul]Louis Solofrizzo
7 dayslib: move client writer into own sourceStefan Eissing
8 daysurldata: move authneg bit from conn to Curl_easyStefan Eissing
8 daysc-hyper: add header collection writer in hyper buildsStefan Eissing
8 dayshttp: move headers collecting to writerStefan Eissing
8 dayssendf: Curl_client_write(), make passed in buf constStefan Eissing
8 dayslib: remove curl_mimepart object when CURL_DISABLE_MIMEMAntoniak
8 daysrustls: make curl compile with 0.12.0kpcyrd
8 daysstrtoofft: fix the overflow checkDaniel Stenberg
8 dayslibssh/libssh2: return error on too big rangeDaniel Stenberg
10 dayssetopt: fix check for CURLOPT_PROXY_TLSAUTH_TYPE valueScott Talbert
10 daysmprintf: fix format prefix I32/I64 for windows compilersJay Satiro
10 dayscd2nroff: gen: make `\>` in input to render as plain '>' in outputDaniel Stenberg
10 daysgen: make `\>` in input to render as plain '>' in outputDaniel Stenberg
11 find libpsl with pkg-configFabrice Fontaine
11 clarify that the curl security team decidesDaniel Stenberg