BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
0.10explicitly close cursor if not needed anymore (GC can grab it late)sebres15 months
0.11Merge branch '0.10' into 0.11sebres15 months
0.8changelog for spanish months additionYaroslav Halchenko8 years
0.9fixed possible RCE vulnerability, unset escape variable (default tilde) stops...sebres2 years
1.0Merge branch 'fix-gh-3485', `filter.d/sshd.conf`:sebres6 months
debianmerge-point for 0.11.1sebres3 years
f2b-perfom-prepare-716code and config review after rebase to current mastersebres8 years
gh-3497Update ChangeLogSergey G. Brester8 months
ipv6-supporttest cases extended for verifying ipv4/ipv6, normalized pf-action with test casesebres8 years
masterfixes gh-3635: avoid sporadic error in pyinotify backend if pending file dele...sebres3 weeks
1.0.2commit e1d3006b03...sebres13 months
1.0.1commit 677da51562...sebres14 months
0.11.2commit eea1881b73...sebres3 years
0.10.6commit e768f8637a...sebres3 years
0.11.1commit d004a2c79b...sebres4 years
0.10.5commit b25d8565fc...sebres4 years
0.10.4commit aa565eb80e...sebres5 years ac0d441fd6...sebres6 years
0.10.3commit 0a50f2e19e...sebres6 years
debian/0.10.2-2commit 2c4e777216...Yaroslav Halchenko6 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2023-11-22fixes gh-3635: avoid sporadic error in pyinotify backend if pending file dele...HEADmastersebres
2023-11-22fixes multi-threaded issue on `__pending` dict (caused due to missing lock on...sebres
2023-11-22added missing inherited `tearDown` invocationsebres
2023-11-22remove double call of inherited setup in test cases;sebres
2023-11-22Merge pull request #3630 from yarikoptic/enh-codespellYaroslav Halchenko
2023-11-22Merge pull request #3633 from brunobell/patch-1Sergey G. Brester
2023-11-21Update Arch Linux package URL in RELEASEDash Lu
2023-11-18[DATALAD RUNCMD] run codespell throughout fixing typo automagicallyYaroslav Halchenko
2023-11-18Add pragma to ignore a codespell-detected typoin postfix.confYaroslav Halchenko
2023-11-18Add skipping of codespell-ignore annotated linesYaroslav Halchenko