BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
10.9Update submodule.Damiano Galassi7 years
10_9Fix runtime on 10.9.Damiano Galassi6 years
masterAdd ambient viewing enviroment atom.Damiano galassi7 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2023-05-10Add ambient viewing enviroment atom.HEADmasterDamiano galassi
2023-01-27Make the textfields a bit higher in the file name prefs.Damiano galassi
2023-01-27Fix filename parser if the file name contains 'x265', patch by maury.Damiano galassi
2022-11-18Set the minimum deplyoment target to 10.13.Damiano galassi
2022-08-13Support the secure restorable state.Damiano galassi
2022-08-12Update MP4Dump project.Damiano galassi
2022-07-03Bump version.Damiano Galassi
2022-07-03Change AppleTV provider url.Damiano Galassi
2022-04-10Bump version to 1.7.4.Damiano galassi
2022-04-10Fix © character.Damiano galassi