BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
add-insecureadd an insecure codepointMarten Seemann2 years
add-p2p-circuit-inneradd multiaddr for p2p-circuit-innerMarten Seemann2 years
feat/car-metadatapropose car-metadata multicodecWill4 months
feat/commp-multihashadd fr32-sha2-256-trunc254-padded-binary-tree mutlihashAdin Schmahmann4 months
feat/murmur3-128feat: propose murmur3-128 hash codeIrakli Gozalishvili14 months
feat/ucanfeat: add code for UCAN ipld codecIrakli Gozalishvili20 months
masterRename urdca-2015-canon to rdfc-1-0 (#328)Markus Sabadello3 weeks
rvagg/httpathAdd httpath multiaddr componentRod Vagg7 months
rvagg/jsonfeat: add 'ref' column to JSON tableRod Vagg10 months
selector-signalsAllocate namespace for signalling ADLs for use in selectors/IPLDWill Scott2 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2023-11-16Rename urdca-2015-canon to rdfc-1-0 (#328)HEADmasterMarkus Sabadello
2023-08-07Adding a multiaddress key for SSB (#323)gpicron
2023-08-01Add LBRY protocol (#332)Ben
2023-07-31Add Kotlin implementationErwin Kok
2023-07-03Add sha256a (#329)Joel Thorstensson
2023-06-09Add code for SCION multiaddrs (#325)Leon Rinkel
2023-06-07eth-reciept-log → eth-receipt-log (#326)Darryl Yeo
2023-05-17Add Varsig Multiformat (#322)Brooklyn Zelenka
2023-04-18Add a transport code to indicate content is provided via car (#321)Will
2023-03-30chore: Update CODEOWNERS [skip ci]multiformats-mgmt-read-write[bot]