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mainFix buildLeon Rinkel6 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2023-06-01Fix buildHEADmainLeon Rinkel
2023-06-01Add demo private keyLeon Rinkel
2022-10-29Dies & dasLeon Rinkel
2022-10-29OopsLeon Rinkel
2022-10-29Extend sdk_config.h and add RTT loggingLeon Rinkel
2022-10-28OoopsieLeon Rinkel
2022-10-28Add LED indication for pca20020Leon Rinkel
2022-10-28Add inc directory to VS Code target propertiesLeon Rinkel
2022-10-28Change DFU pin from button to other pinLeon Rinkel
2022-10-28Add amd64 support for devcontainerLeon Rinkel